Subsidies for the support of regeneration in lands owned by private owners of Extremadura.

Subsidies for the support of regeneration in lands owned by private owners of Extremadura.

The Cactus Protectors are within the aids, JAP 01- JAP 02 and JAP 03, and the Work Units can be changed within the same action as long as the requested help remains the same, so that they are in time to change the traditional protection system to the Cactus Protector. The lower cost of installation, will allow the beneficiary to install a greater number of protectors per hectare, making profitable and safeguarding many more points in its operation.


a) Individuals or legal entities holding holdings with private lands, inscribed in their favor in the Register of Agricultural Holdings of Extremadura, hereinafter (REXA).
b) Communities of property owners of holdings with land under private ownership, registered in the name of said community in the REXA, must be expressly stated both in the documentation that is attached to the request, and in the resolution of the concession, the commitments of execution assumed by each member of the group, as well as the amount of the subsidy to be applied for each one of them that will have the same condition of beneficiary.


a) Support for the natural regeneration of lands that have been developed, by protecting the natural regeneration and works to improve their viability.
b) The densification of pastures, aimed at increasing the number of trees with existing or compatible species and their protection against livestock attack.
c) The pruning of afforestation, destined to the adaptation of the existing trees to silvopastoral use.

d) Infrastructures through actions aimed at the installation, repair and conservation of infrastructure to ensure the viability of agroforestry systems.

Listado Ordenado Provisional Adehesados Particulares 

Orden de montes particulares

Resumen Orden regeneración Montes particulares

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