Aid to the Regeneration of the meadow of public entities

Aid to the Regeneration of the meadow of public entities

Call for subsidies to support regeneration on public lands in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.


Grants intended to support regeneration on public lands in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, consisting of:

  • The support to the natural regeneration of lands adehesados, by the protection of the natural regenerate and works for the improvement of its viability.
  • The densification of cleared land, aimed at increasing the number of trees with existing or compatible species and their protection against cattle attack.
  • The pruning of afforestation, destined to the adaptation of the existing tree to the silvopastoral use.
  • Infrastructures through actions aimed at the installation, repair and maintenance of infrastructures to ensure the viability of agroforestry systems.


1. They may be beneficiaries of subsidies:

  • a) Public entities holding holdings with land registered in their favor in the Register of Agrarian Exploitation of Extremadura (REXA).
  • b) The public entities holding communal forests even if these lands were not registered in their favor in the REXA, if these included in their annual declaration of communal pastures.

2. Excluded from these subsidies are areas owned by:

  • a) The state or regional public administrations.
  • b) Public companies or legal entities whose capital belongs at least 50% to one of the administrations mentioned in the previous section.


The total amount of the call will be 2,000,000.00 euros, being allocated in the budget line 20171205354C76000, in the Expenditure Project 201612005002200, according to the Rural Development Program of Extremadura, 2014-2020, Measure 4 “Investments in physical assets” , Sub-measure 4.4 “Support for non-productive investments linked to the achievement of agri-environmental and climatic objectives”, 4.4.2 “Support for regeneration on cleared land reinforcing the natural high-value pasture system in Extremadura, distributed in the following annuities:

  • Amount annuity 2017: 420,000 euros.
  • Amount annuity 2018: 1,236,900 euros.
  • Amount annuity 2019: 343,100 euros.

The maximum amount eligible for each case is set at € 40,000.
In order to be able to take a decision, the eligible amount must reach a minimum of EUR 5 000. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
The eligible amount is set at a percentage over the investment amount, which will be 90%.

The deadline for submitting aid applications shall be twenty working days from the day following the publication of this extract and the Order of convocation in the Official Gazette of Extremadura.

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